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6 Steps To Investing

At Wealthley Investment Group, we pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of service when it comes to acquisition strategy, project management, and exit strategy.

1) Find the Property

Find a lucrative property with high potential

2) Secure Funds

We secure your funds in a dedicated trust account

3) Receive Ownership

You receive a Certificate of Ownership

4) Management

We oversee property management & cash flow

5) Receive Cash Flow

You receive a monthly/quarterly Distribution from the cash flow

6) Sell Property

We sell the property after a period of time and return your funds Plus Profits

Potential Benefits of Real Estate Investing

  • Geographic Diversification
  • Borrower and Operator Diversification
  • Asset Diversification
  • Ordinary Income
  • Appreciation and Capital Gain Income
  • Depreciation Tax Benefits
  • Equity and Partnership Opportunities
  • Asset Class Diversification: Residential and Multi-Family
  • Diversified Fund Investments

What we invest in

We are keen on finding opportunities that are the perfect fit for our portfolio. Here are just a few key characteristics we look for.

Step 1) We find The Property:

Must be Located in a Vibrant Market

  • Job and Income Growth
  • Population Growth
  • Low Cost of Living

Must be a Good Property with Great Potential

  • B-C Class Properties
  • Located in Safe Residential Neighborhood with Great Schools
  • With a Strong “Value Add” Strategy

Must be a Good Deal

  • Price must be low enough to deliver strong returns

Step 2) Your Funds Are Placed in a Dedicated Account

  • We extend the investment opportunity to our investors. Investments will typically be financed with 70% – 80% loans, with the remainder of the capital being provided by investor capital.
  • Investors’ funds are transferred into a secured escrow trust account.
  • Funds placed in the account are used solely for the purchase of the investment property.
  • If the property is not purchased, ALL of the funds are immediately returned to investors.

Step 3) You Receive a Certificate of Ownership

  • A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is formed for the sole purpose of purchasing the investment property.
  • Investors become members of a specific LLC that has been formed to acquire real estate.  All LLCs will engage in the business of acquiring, improving, operating and disposing of multifamily real estate assets.
  • Investors receive a Certificate of Ownership for their share of ownership in the LLC and the Property.
  • Each acquisition will be acquired by a single purpose LLC. This structure enables us to protect individual assets. Wealthley will act as the manager of each LLC.

Step 4) We Oversee Management & Cash Flow

  • We oversee the management of the property
  • Goal 1: Generate ongoing cash flow
  • Goal 2: Increase value of the property by:
  • Increasing tenant occupancy
  • Increasing the monthly income
  • Decreasing the monthly expenses
  • Retaining tenants through lease renewals

Step 5) You Receive a Monthly/Quarterly Check (Passive Income)

  • Investors receive a monthly/quarterly distributions from the cash flow.
  • Great for those who want to receive passive income.
  • Estimated returns are fully detailed in the Property Package provided to investors prior to investing.
  • Some payouts are sent on a monthly basis while some are sent out on a quarterly basis

Step 6) Sell the Property & Take Profit

  • Average holding period is 3 to 7 years
  • Upon selling the property, we return to the investors their initial funds, plus their share of the profits
  • Estimated profit upon sale is detailed in the Property Package sent to investors prior to investing.

Our investors are pre-qualified on the basis of previous investment experience and must qualify as an Accredited or Sophisticated Investor, as defined by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sources of investor funds may be derived from savings, individual retirement accounts (IRAs or 401Ks) and conversion of securities. Wealthley may periodically offer opportunities that can qualify for 1031 exchanges.

Value-Add Strategy

Think of it as a business rather than a building. The more income it generates, the more it is worth. When we purchase an apartment complex, we are looking for specific opportunities to increase the cashflow in different areas. These are called “Value Plays” or “Value Adding Components”.


  • Mismanagement caused by owner self-managing
  • Poor supervision of management companies
  • Deferred maintenance
  • High vacancies
  • Below market rents

Some examples of value-add plays we implement at Wealthley Investment Group:

  • Improve curb appeal by improving landscaping, adding dog parks, carports, etc. Residents will pay more when a property is in better condition and has updated amenities.
  • Purchasing a property that is currently under market rents. This gives us the opportunity to increase rents and immediately increase the value of the property.
  • Implement a water and sewage bill-back system (RUBS) to charge the residents for actual usage. Most apartment owners pay for all the water. When we bill back the residents it helps offset expenses and increase the cash flow. Through this system residents tend to become more frugal and will decrease overall operating expenses.
  • Improve unit interiors with new paint, appliances, countertops, and floors
  • Adding a coin laundry facility to the complex

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